CMP Arles is specialized in the fabrication of equipment with large dimensions and strong thickness destined to the oil and gaz treatment and petrochemical industries, off-shore units, top-sides and subsea as well as nuclear, cement and siderurgy industries.


CMP Arles manufactures vessels whose weight and thickness can reach 600 tons and 250 mm.


CMP Arles manufactures vessels made for working at high temperatures:

- Alloy Steels from 1% to 5% Cr, HLE with accurate proprieties and warranted hot mechanical characteristics.


CMP Arles manufactures equipment working under corrosive atmosphere:

- Carbon Steel / Mn with corrosion resistance characteristics (Sour Service, H2S, HF, Hydrogen services)

- Austenic and austeno-ferritical Stainless Steels (Duplex and Super Duplex all thickness)

- Cladded  and/or overlayed vessels, Stainless Steel coating, nickel basis all grades



CMP Arles fabricates vessels with high yield strength materials with Ys>690 MPa and thicknesses over 100 mm.

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