Specific products

CMP Arles designs and performs cryogenic storages working under very low temperatures for liquified gas N2, O2, ArH2, CO2, C2H4 and with volume from 400 m3 to 30.000 m3.

- Low alloy steels from 3,5% to 9% Ni

- Austenitic Stainless Steels.


CMP Arles has a Design Office located in Soissons and in charge of the cryogenic storage tanks design as well as the follow-up of fabrication - performed in the plant located in Arles - and then, of the assembly on site and equipment commissioning.


CMP Arles proposes the design and mechanical dimensioning as well as the supply and installation of Equipment for Aromatic units under Elupar and Eluxyl licences (AXENS/IFP Licences) and other internals.

CMP Arles proposes, designs and performs separation units of petrol for which we are realising the dimensioning and calculation of vessels and “process” internals, their manufacturing as well as the installation of the internals in the vessels

Constructions Métalliques et Préfabrication d'Arles
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